slowly increased the intensity

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slowly increased the intensity

i began at a very easy level and i slowly increased the intensity i personally love doing home hit workouts but you really just have to find something you enjoy doing yourself what i’m trying to say here is you don’t need a gym membership especially when the current situation is the way it is right now it’s just finding something you enjoy doing that you can add into your routine that doesn’t make exercising feel like a hassle and that’s it really that’s all i’ve done i didn’t try and kill myself at the gym trying to burn off calories or stick to a really hard diet that was going to make me feel miserable i just tried to change habits that i already had in my routine that was gonna lead to a lifestyle change that was gonna lead to my weight loss now january 2019 i weighed in at 49 kilos so i had lost around 30 and honestly it was the best thing i could have done for myself both physically and mentally the outcome is so worth it so please just stick to it guys stay motivated and i’m pretty sure if i could do it then anyone can if you’ve made it this far in the video thank you so so much for watching i love you and if you have any weight loss tips or tricks from your own experience drop a comment down below i would love to read it and i’m sure others will as well hit the like and subscribe button let’s push the video out to many more people who are in the same position i was in back in january 2018 i will be back with a what i in a week next week thanks for watching bye – Social media has changed how we interact with one another, and sometimes not for the better. Let’s be real. Most times, not for the better. But my next guest is using it in an amazing, positive way.


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