reduce or increase the size

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reduce or increase the size

let’s talk about our breasts yup your breasts are beautiful and unique to you so today i want to have an open conversation about our breasts specifically in relation to fitness ladies if you have any questions or concerns do let me know in the comments section and let’s talk about it one of the most common questions i get asked is how can i reduce or increase the size of my breasts here are five facts you should know about your breasts now before we get into it let’s first understand the anatomy of your breasts your breasts are made out of fat and fibrous tissue as well as glands and ducts that make breast milk fatty tissue mix up the bulk of the breast hence your body fat percentage will influence the size of your breast just like your body our breasts come in all shapes and sizes your breast size is hereditary some of us are blessed with fuller boobs whereas some are blessed with smaller boobs whatever the size of your boobs are they are equally just as beautiful and you can’t change it no matter how much exercises or massaging you do this leads on to the next fact you can’t really increase the size


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