Phalogenics Reviews Exposed 2020 | Is Is Worthy or Scam ?

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Phalogenics Reviews

Today, we review on Phalogenics that is trending on the internet. It is neither a pill nor a capsule and not even a lotion but it is just a digital-access “program”. That’s why many men are under stress that is it worth or just a scam. They don’t know how to utilize Phalogenics Traction Program and how to take benefits from it.


Let’s start…

Its manufacturer claims that Phalogenics is a “program” that introduces exercises and techniques to enlarge man’s “member”. They introduced a treatment named, “penile micro trauma therapy” that follows the “biology-based” steps to give the results. So, a man can get rid of his male problems naturally.

They mean that men can eliminate the “trauma” of their “member”. They can increase the “size” 2 to 4 inches. There is just 61/2 minute exercise(s) that are actually techniques. So, the program helps men to get increased and improved energy, stamina, libido, and male drive as well. So, it is their virility and vitality.


It is just a program that aims to help men to enlarge the member size. So, they can restore their energy and stamina. They can also find improved confidence that makes them able to perform well at the bed. It is also their better male health (manhood & virility).

Who is the Manufacturer of Phalogenics?

Phalogenics itself is the manufacturer. Dr. Jonathan Harris is the primary manufacturer. He is a well-known doctor who introduced this program. At this time, this program is not available in the markets as they think that it is a private subject. It is an online purchase for men across the world.


It is the fact that Phalogenics is not an FDA-approved program. There is also news that it suggests harmful techniques that can harm general health. Don’t leave this webpage as you are to know more.

How to Use Phalogenics?

When Phalogenics came for the first time then it was a book. Now, we have been told that now they also send DVDs to help men in easier ways.

A man user just does exercises and techniques for just 61/2 minutes. The science behind these exercises is based on biology-based needs for the body. The “member” increases 2 to 4 inches. So, a man can find a proper “size” that he really needs.


What is the Science Behind Phalogenics?

“Penile micro-trauma therapy” is the treatment and/or remedy for the male problems. If someone finds poor erection then he doesn’t have erectile dysfunction (*). His problem can easily be solved with the help of the Phalogenics Traction Program.

Even Dr. Harris said that ED can also be treated with the support of the techniques included in this “program”.

The 61/2 minute training supports the body for making testosterone inside the body.  The body sends blood into the penile area. And, Corpora cavernosa sustains the blood for a long time. So, this is not only strengthening erectile tissues but also increase confidence. This is alleviating any type of male problems of any man.


Every man has a different or unique body and body functions. And, Phalogenics is neither a pill nor a lotion so how we can rely on it.

How can a man get rid of male problems such as ED? Its techniques may not help someone as his body may have other medical problems. Then, in this case, he must rely on a pill or medication.

Working of Phalogenics – Is it Helpful?

The manufacturer strongly highlighted one thing.

They said “Phalogenics is for more than 30 days. At least 60 days of following the Phalogenics Program can help men to get rid of the “trauma” of the “member” or the body. It is not a pill that is swallowed and a man goes into the bedroom”.

They claim that their hundreds of users have succeeded to get the results. So, they could increase the size, 2 to 4 inches. There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee.


We don’t say that they are lying. But their program is insufficient that cannot help men to get rid of male problems such as low libido and ED.

So, the primary manufacturer needs to review Phalogenics Traction Program to make it more effective and helpful. At this time, there is no evidence that this program works.

Phalogenics Customers’ Reviews

You can also submit your review or opinion about this product. Or, please, at least leave a comment.


“If a man cannot satisfy his spouse then he must leave her otherwise, she leaves him. I bought Phalogenics and thought it clearly and utilized it for 45 days. I say that I found proper results. And, I think that it can help everyone”.

Michael C.

“First, I used to utilize the pill(s). Then I started to do exercises and techniques that Phalogenics suggests. And, I conclude that a pill is much better than this mere program”.


It seems that Phalogenics can boost a “little” body energy. But it cannot help someone who is struggling with some male problems.

Does Phalogenics Include Safe Exercises & Techniques?

It is the most ask-able question that everyman is asking. Sorry but Phalogenics doesn’t include safe exercises and techniques. Their “penile micro trauma therapy“ is harmful. So, avoid Phalogenics this time.

If you want to try another product or supplement then see below suggestions.

Phalogenics Side Effects

If you start doing exercises included in Phalogenics Program then you may face these side effects as below:

  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Random urination
  • Vomiting

Reasons to Avoid

  • Phalogenics is not any good.
  • It is not a medication so it cannot help men.
  • Its exercises are harmful that can deteriorate general health.
  • It has no ingredients so the results are zero.
  • A pill or medicine is better than it.

The Bottom Line

If you are struggling with some types of male problems then consult with a doctor or physician. And, see what he recommends you, medicine or male enhancement supplement.

If you want to try something different then we have lots for you on this website. And, we hope that one of your picked products surely helps you to get all the desired results. So, you become the “real” man who possesses improved virility.

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