Extinguishing Fires in the Prostate

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In present day state of affairs Pakistan went into lockdown, allow public to save and to mock neatly, did you think the coronavirus will now not spread for the duration of the time period to 800hrs to 1700hrs. We have soft coronary heart for underneath privilege person, many NGO’s and lots of peoples on their personal helping them to satisfy their ends. Government of Pakistan determined to ease of their lockdown gadget allow boutiques, buying department shops and other markets to characteristic at some stage in day time, however people aren’t following the SOP for their own safety, a massive crowd flow to department shops and market, a danger that bust into massive variety of coronavirus affected person, hospitals haven’t any further locations to house covid-19 high quality patients.

Holy month of Ramadan come to its cease and we are getting ready for the birthday party of EID Day, I am very a lot worried of how we will manipulate this pandemic ailment, as in our tradition males use to hug each other and females shake hand with each different on Eid day.

Now a days we are following Social distancing, staying domestic, washing hand and other preventive measures, but now it seems tough and it is tough to talk humans and restrict them approximately their subculture values which are preventing them to their own family and keeping social distance as in keeping with preventive measure for Covid19, neighborhood network leaders, non secular scholars, actors, excessive profile personalities, high affect people and well-known personalities can lead there function through speaking and teaching people about avoided degree which incorporates social distancing, hand washing, now not to shake hand and hugging whilst celebrating Eid, they are able to play an critical role in controlling corona in Eid days and restrict our casualties.

In Pakistan many fine instances haven’t any signs and roaming right here and there within the markets that could cause growth variety of effective cases, after EID it is going to be very difficult to handle big quantity of instances, right here spiritual pupils, Qari and Imam can play there position in educating human beings to avoid gather, shake hands, hugging and touching, we by no means know people will social distancing and authorities SOP at some stage in EID days, as we’ve got seen in many locations that SOP’s aren’t accompanied in Shopping Plaza’s and mosque and in social gatherings which may be an alarm for covid to spread.

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EID Prayers are allowed to held in Eid Gah Grounds by using government, wherein hundreds of people accumulate and recite Eid namaz, after they hug every other which may be risky and can cause similarly spread of Corona


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